The Lakhovsky 
Multiple Wave Oscillator
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Dedicated to the great 20th Century Scientist Georges Lakhovsky

Original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

Modern Multiple Wave Oscillator

Is it possible to produce an electronic "Fountain of Youth"? Many people have believed so and this website will document their search. This site will be used to post pertinent useful historical and current information.

Lakhovsky (second from right) with 
Wave Oscillator in French Clinic.


What is a Multiple Wave Oscillator?

Radiations and Waves

Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies

Influence of Cosmic Waves 
on the Oscillation of Living Cells

Lakhovsky's 1934 MWO Patent

Lakhovsky's 1944 Tube MWO Patent

Sun-Ether Disk of Oscar Korschelt


I am pleased to announce that original Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators have been discovered and are being back engineered. The information is being released here: MULTI WAVE RESEARCH, A "website is dedicated to reveal unknown secrets of the once famous George Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator."

Here's an old newsreel showing a real Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator in use at a Manhattan beauty clinic, circa 1940s. This is important footage showing this legendary suppressed device in operation. It clearly shows that the "Beck" design is in error, and that information has led people astray for many decades.


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